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Sports Branding

Sports branding is a specialized discipline of design and marketing. Unlike B2B and typical B2C industries, professional sports present the challenge of trying to appeal to many stakeholders all with different motivations and backgrounds. And those with the loudest voice for a professional sports organization are the fans, who hold their team colors and logos near and dear to their hearts and often view change with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Team heritage is important, and fans will let you know right away if you make a mistake. Creating memorable visuals and inspiring a fan base to rally around a team based on something greater than just their wins and losses requires a solid plan and the creative resources to carry it out.

At Ember we excel at creating fan-favorite design systems, event graphics, branding packages, and logos. And we have a lot of fun doing it, too. How could we not? This fast-paced high-energy business gets us feeling like ardent fans of every team and organization we work with, cheering on our own designs in the hope that what we create will resonate with loyal supporters young and old.