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Branding is a specialty at Ember Studio, and custom logo design is the feature presentation of any branding system. While we always hope to be a part of the full brand development process, sometimes our piece of the puzzle is more focused on this one key part of the visual identity system.

Each logo design project involves a detailed process of uncovering what makes a business unique and what kind of logo will help that business be more visible, recognizable, and respected by customers and clients.

What does the process of designing a logo at Ember look like?

Research is the key to kicking off a logo design process that gets to the best possible result and leads to something that truly stands out in the crowd. Conversations with key stakeholders & customers, discovery sessions, and competitive analysis can all be a part of the process of uncovering a logo design concept that connects with everyone throughout the company and positions your brand for growth and success. This is followed up with a process of design and revision that ensures all voices are heard in the creative process and that we incorporate all of the research and feedback into these next steps in the development of a new logo. The project concludes with a rollout of the new design in all required formats and colorways, and includes a diverse array of options for all use cases and scenarios. Modern logos need to be as versatile and responsive as the brand materials they are featured on, and we ensure that we hand off a package of logo files and usage recommendations that gives everyone in your organization a quick start with using the new design to best represent the brand.